Electric car conversion

Electromobility from eCap gives you driving pleasure and full torque from the very first second. Take a seat and experience driving free from noise and emissions. Our experienced team will convert your dream vehicle into an environment-friendly electric vehicle. For us and our customers, quality and driving pleasure take precedence over the cheapest offer for an electric car conversion. Employing the latest electromobility technologies, we offer a variety of high-quality conversion packages, each tailored to your preferences and customised for your car.


 What makes us special – electric car retrofitting


Any vehicle

For us, any type of vehicle can be converted into an electric vehicle. Whether passenger car, van, construction machine or amphibious vehicle: our team does not shy away from a challenge and does pioneering work in electromobility with passion and enthusiasm. We look forward to your extraordinary projects and the opportunity to further expand our expertise in areas of e-mobility that are still relatively unknown. Electric car conversion is our passion.

Our know-how

Since our company was founded, we have performed over 50 conversions of a wide variety of vehicles. No conversion is like any other. Every retrofit is a tempting challenge and rewards us with know-how and know-why. Apart from individual conversions, our large and growing wealth of experience makes us a coveted partner in the industry for the development of prototypes and small series with electric drives.


The foundation of eCap is a continuously growing team of highly qualified engineers, designers, mechatronics engineers, locksmiths, electronic engineers and programmers. We share a passion for driving pleasure and a desire for new challenges in electromobility. With teamwork, creativity and know-how, we have our finger on the pulse of the times and always keep an eye on the latest technologies and developments on the market.

TÜV certificates

Every vehicle we convert is accompanied by a German TÜV certificate and can be immediately registered as an electric vehicle. With the coveted "E" in the number plate, our customers in Germany can, among other things, drive in no driving zones, park for free and save on motor vehicle tax for 5-10 years (with conversion before 2020). Of course, we also have experience with certification outside Germany (more on this in our FAQ).

Commercial vehicles

We are increasingly receiving enquiries from companies who would like to have their trusted and time-tested commercial vehicle converted from an internal combustion engine to an electric drive. With experience gained from more than 50 conversions, we are ready to meet this demand and equip craftsmen's vans, for example, with emission-free drive technology. Thanks to sustainable electric drive systems, impending driving bans, which are increasingly affecting commercial vehicles using internal combustion technology, do not pose a problem for our customers. Just the opposite: the E number plate on their vehicles is a competitive advantage and a boost to the image of our customers!




 State-of-the-art components

When configuring your electric vehicle, we select the ideal components from a large selection of independent suppliers to meet your requirements for performance and range. Feedback from our customers shows that driving pleasure, dynamics and the comfort of driving silently with an electric drive have dispelled any concerns about the possibility of limited range. In addition, conversion from internal combustion to electric technology eliminates the need for components that require intensive maintenance. Your converted dream vehicle's service intervals will be longer - thanks to state-of-the-art components.


Electric drive

When selecting driving power, a range of high-quality and modern electric drives is available. According to your preferences, we will select the drive that perfectly fits your dream vehicle and the desired performance.



We will advise you on the choice of the right battery technology. Fine-tuning available space, total weight and budget for the ideal range of your vehicle is an art our experienced team has perfectly mastered.



During conversion, the original dashboard remains virtually untouched. We will install a charge level display as a round indicator, as an additional DIN slot, as a double DIN slot or in the original tank indicator. We are happy to discuss additional options (touch screen, apps etc.) with you.



Depending on what you want, we will take into account the customisation or installation of extras such as air conditioning, power steering or cruise control. We also offer the installation of sound modules if classic engine sounds are what gives you pleasure when driving.

Procedure for an electric conversion



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