The futuristic speedster from the cult film "Back to the Future" is an icon of the 1980s and a real head turner in road traffic. In contrast, the original internal combustion engine was far less popular, not only because of its emission values. For the DeLorean-enthusiastic owner, it was obvious to combine the advantages of a modern electric drive system with the sleek lines of the Irish sports car legend to create a special class electric vehicle. eCap was commissioned by the vehicle owner for the second time to convert one of his DeLoreans to an electric one. The retrofitted vehicle does not (yet) travel through time, but drives silently and powerful through the country.



The electric motor requested by the customer with an output of 35/60 kW catapults the light DeLorean to an impressive 200 km/h. This electric conversion was all about driving fun - and you can enjoy it when you press the accelerator pedal just above the road surface in the extremely flat vehicle and accelerate it electrically.



Batteries with a total capacity of 42 kWh were installed in the DeLorean. This enables a range of approx. 200 km, which is tailor-made for short and medium distances in large cities and according to the owner's wishes.


Special features

The charging time is five hours due to the 9 kW charger requested by the customer. When placing the battery capacity in the DeLorean, attention was paid to an ideal weight distribution in order to improve the centre of gravity characteristics compared to the original in favour of the performance.


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