The Holder converted into an electric tractor is not only a perfect example of driving pleasure through electric mobility, but is also the driving force behind our company. As every year, company founder Dirk Lehmann took his diesel-sooty tractor with him to the traditional Scharmbeck harvest festival in front of a group of countrywomen. In 2014, the ladies with the exhaust gas wafting around them declared war on the tractor - dirt, stench and noise could no longer be tolerated. Of course, Lehmann took the complaints of the countrywomen seriously and decided to convert his traditional Holder (built in 1958) to electric drive with the help of like-minded people. Since then, one of the world's first electric tractors has been leading the Scharmbeck harvest festival year after year, and an idea became a business model with the founding of eCap.



The small Holder with its 13 kW electric motor is very fast in acceleration and reaches for a tractor the top speed of 40 km/h. As an open vehicle, this acceleration and the rushing wind offer the “pilot” and all passengers pure fun in electrified tractor driving.



With a battery capacity of 9.2 kWh, the Holder can travel up to 50 km with one charge. This is more than enough for many laps at the harvest festival and subsequent excursions through the village. In about 3.5 hours the Holder is completely recharged.


Special features

Even years after its conversion, the electric tractor is still unique and provides for astonished glances and open ears when the Holder quietly whirrs past. In front of running NDR cameras, the electric tractor faced a large diesel tractor in an acceleration race. Amazing how fast the rear lights became smaller from a combustion perspective.


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