eCap at Kabel 1, Abenteuer Leben 


A Kabel 1 TV team accompanied eCap during the electrical conversion of an Audi classic - an Audi 100 Coupé S. The TV report shows many details of the electric conversion, introduces our team and our work areas and portrays the wonderful driving experience of an oldtimer converted from a combustion engine to an electric drive.


(Text to the Kabel 1 programme): "More and more driving bans are threatening at least diesel drivers in heavily frequented inner cities. At the same time, most major car manufacturers are still finding it extremely difficult to offer alternative drive systems. In this environment, a North German entrepreneur had a sixth sense: he offers the retrofitting of combustion engines to more environmentally friendly electric drives. His currently still most important target group: people who hold on to their favourite car for many years, but want to make a contribution to improving our air. In the meantime, more and more owners of commercial vehicles can be electrified in Winsen. Using the example of a classic vintage car "Audi 100 Coupé S", Abenteuer Leben shows how the conversion works on a daily basis".

Here you can learn more about the electric car conversionby eCap.

Here you can find the TV report in the Kabel 1 media library

Leonie Behrens