Power2Drive – A complete success 


The Power2Drive trade fair in Munich - A complete success for eCap Mobility

A white Porsche Boxster, a white VW Caddy and the unique steel brushed DeLorean were the highlights that eCap Mobility exhibited at the Power2Drive exhibition in Munich. The Power2Drive is Europe's largest fair for electric mobility. The special thing about the vehicles: all three were converted by eCap Mobility from Winsen (Luhe) to electric drive. Another highlight, a world’s first, was presented to the public by the two companies eCap and Optimas: the H99 electrified paving machine.

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Electric vehicles to touch and test

While the Delorean was the eye-catcher and crowd-puller on the exhibition stand, the other two vehicles, the Porsche Boxster and the VW Caddy, could be used for test drives. Once around the fair, a course of about 5 km, the enthusiastic test drivers got out of the car with a satisfied smile. Electric is fun! The employees of eCap were able to answer the recurring question "whether eCap can also convert one's own vehicle" with a clear "yes". eCap is currently converting cars of all kinds, vans, commercial vehicles and boats. 

The HyBat-Truck

Also a world first; also a step towards an ecologically sustainable future.For 2019/2020, the development of a hybrid drive system (battery/hydrogen) for 40-tons tractor units with a range of 500km is planned. A second production hall is currently being built for this purpose, which will be ready for operation in August 2019. 

Paving on electric


"This is possible too?" was repeatedly asked by visitors from the fair when they took a look at the characteristics of the S19e paving machine. "This is possible too!” confirmed the exhibitor to the astonished audience. This device from the building industry will from now on be operated with a motor power of 14/23 kW and a battery charging capacity of 15 kWh. Thanks to the easily replaceable batteries, continuous operation is guaranteed. The paving machine is another example that electrification does not have to stop at normal cars. In addition to the paving machine, eCap will also convert municipal vehicles and trucks.

Loading columns from Hydac

An electric vehicle needs electricity and is charged at a charging station. Hydac and eCap Mobility complement each other perfectly in this respect. Hydac presented the cooling system for cables using a charging station as an example. In addition to charging stations, Hydac offers a comprehensive range of products for hydraulics, electronic control technology, magnet technology, control sensors as well as fluid sensor/condition monitoring and fluid maintenance products.

e-Scooter from e-board24.com

The e-scooters (electrified scooters) and the electrically driven longboards from e-board24.de from Lüneburg were constantly on the road on the test surface. The e-Scooter was particularly well received by the younger public. This type of movement is becoming more and more popular in large cities and has developed into a real boom. With the latest drive technology and the powerful batteries, the e-board4.de e-scooter is the ideal "means of transport on foot" for the city. 

The bottom line was that the fair in Munich, the Power2Drive, was a complete success. Trade fair exhibitors and visitors came together for a lively and intensive exchange about e-mobility. The E-Cap Mobility GmbH, the Hydac GmbH and e-board24.de are among the most innovative companies in their segment, and there will be no way to avoid them in the near future. eCap thanks all partners and electrical enthusiasts for a fantastic fair! 

By the way, eCap Mobility is also on Facebook.

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Leonie Behrens