Optimas Paving Machine

The experience and competence gained from a large number of electrical conversions makes eCap a sought-after partner for the development of electrified conversions and prototypes for industry. This is why the Optimas GmbH - one of the prominent manufacturers of building and pavement machines - assigned us as with the electrical conversion of a H99 pavement machine. Optimas examines with the help of this prototype the sales possibilities of electrically operated pavement machines in the market. With the successful conversion to electric drive Optimas and eCap show that the emission-free, quiet and climate-friendly electrical operation of paving machines and comparable vehicles is practically convertible and economically quite impressive.



The built-in electric motor has an output of 14/23 kW and allows the paving machine a maximum speed of 14 km/h, which is more than sufficient for the performance profile of the machine. .



In order to use the paving machine successfully in practice, eCap has implemented a concept of exchangeable batteries. A 15 kWh battery charge enables continuous operation of the machine for approx. 2.5 hours. 


Special features

The challenge for our team was to electrify the vehicle to a 48 V system with easily replaceable lithium-ion batteries for continuous vehicle operation in daily use. The result was a world’s first for this vehicle class with the electric paving machine and a prime example of e-prototype development by eCap.


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