Porsche 996 Convertible

The sporty convertible was part of a small series of three Porsches, which eCap converted from an internal combustion to electric sports car. Since the conversion, this special Porsche has been operating on the island of Föhr. The range was planned according to the driving area, making it possible to drive around the whole island in a convertible with maximum driving pleasure. The silent and environmentally-friendly electric speedster with fast acceleration is a familiar sight on the streets of Föhr.



The 44/70-kW motor used rapidly accelerates the sports convertible and enables a top speed of 180 km/h. This top speed is not of any relevance on the country roads of Föhr the – but the full and virtually silent acceleration of the electric motor is.



The range specified was "once around the island". Our experienced team found the ideal combination of reserve range and the lowest weight possible. The selected battery capacity of 23 kWh means a range of approx. 120 km and thus exceeds the customer's requirements.


Special features

Even at second glance, the Porsche can hardly be distinguished from the internal combustion production model. The electric components used are not visible from the outside even when the top is down. Only the tachometer is noticeably different from the original. But in the end when it comes to silent acceleration, the Porsche reveals itself to be an environmentally-friendly e-sports car.


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