Prototypes, pilot and small series

Sustainability is the major issue of the industry. With the shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy, the conversion of existing vehicles to electric propulsion is a necessary and logical step for many companies. Electromobility in particular has many advantages: The emission-free, low-noise, low-maintenance and robust electric drive makes a lasting contribution to improving the environmental footprint of many companies. German industry is making great efforts to develop and expand a worldwide edge in the field of electromobility – eCap supports this endeavour with enthusiasm, creativity and well-founded expertise.



Complete development

eCap's experience and competence qualify it as a specialist supplier in developing electric prototypes for industry. A complete system is thus created on behalf of and in cooperation with the customer, in which drive technology and peripherals are combined to form a tailor-made prototype of electromobility. From planning and development to integration in subsequent production at the customer's site, eCap is an experienced, flexible and innovative partner for the complete development of prototypes with state-of-the-art electric drives.


Partial development

In addition to complete in-house development of electric prototypes, eCap offers its know-how and know-why as part of a development chain. Thus, individual work steps such as the development of a high-voltage system or the design of a battery solution can be commissioned. As an experienced and competent specialist, eCap is also available as a part supplier for the planning and implementation of customer developments in the field of e-mobility.


Specialised skills


Transfer of know-how

Cooperation with our customers is organised to be transparent and comprehensively documented. Our clients benefit from the transfer of know-how when working with our specialists. Our start-up assistance in electromobility extends the value chain and ideally opens up new business fields for our customers.


Operating principle

Our team is experienced in working with industrial clients and becomes part of a client's planning structure and organisation. In computer-aided design, our specialists work with state-of-the-art technology. Reverse engineering transforms vehicle development into 3D CAD models.



eCap works completely independently of exclusive suppliers in the development of subsystems and complete systems. This means that we select and combine the ideal components from a large selection of suppliers and products for all aspects of electromobility in accordance with performance requirements and budgets.


Network of experts

Our experienced in-house specialists and our extensive network of partners and suppliers enable us to meet the most demanding requirements. At eCap, customer-specific developments are always spread across broad shoulders for competent and reliable project implementation.

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Case Study S19e (Optimas)

The Optimas GmbH - one of the prominent manufacturers of building and pavement machines - assigned us as with the electrical conversion of a H99 pavement machine. With the successful conversion to electric drive Optimas and eCap show that the emission-free, quiet and climate-friendly electrical operation of paving machines and comparable vehicles is practically convertible and economically quite impressive.



Production hall

In mid-2017, our company headquarters in Winsen (Luhe) were completed in the immediate vicinity of Hamburg. Our spacious construction hall currently has seven fully equipped production stations including lifting platforms. In addition, there is a direct reception, a locksmith's shop and a state-of-the-art electric workshop. The expansion of our capacities, which has quickly become necessary due to the order situation, is well advanced in the form of an additional hall and will be ready for use in the summer of 2019. The extension building will then also be suitable for converting heavy freight vehicles to alternative drives.



Pilot and small series

In addition to purely prototype development, we also offer our partners from industry and commerce the design and production of pilot and small series. Our continuously growing production capacities, the optimisation of our technologies and an effective supply chain form the basis for the pilot and small series production of electric vehicles.


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