The Volkswagen T2, better known as Bulli, is one of the most famous vehicles in the world and a rolling monument to the German car industry. Its shape coined its nickname and made it popular and  coveted by young and old. More than 2.5 million bullis rolled off the assembly line at the Hanover plant before production was discontinued in 1979. One of these VW T2s landed in eCap's production hall with the order for electrical conversion. Not only the owner was more than satisfied, also the employees were so enthusiastic that everyone wanted to take part in the test drives and would have liked to keep the bright red T2.



An engine output of 35/60 kW enables the cosy Bulli to reach a top speed of up to 120 km/h. The speedy start of the electric drive offers unbridled driving pleasure, and the good-natured driving behaviour of the VW T2 converted to an electric vehicle provides for addiction.



The battery capacity of 21 kWh requested by the customer allows a range of approx. 100 km. With the associated 9 kW charger, the charging time for the Bulli is less than three hours.


Special features

The eyes of many of our employees not only shone with pride about the successful conversion, but also expressed a real pain of parting. The van has grown to the heart of the whole team and we hope and look forward to every opportunity to be able to convert the next VW T2 into a sympathetic electric van.


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