The VW T5 with long wheelbase, converted by eCap into an electric vehicle, can be operated as a 9-seat minibus or as a van. Our client, Becker Marine Systems, originally intended to use the T5 as a shuttle between the company's main offices in the south of Hamburg and an energy supply barge operated by the customer at the Port of Hamburg. The T5's mission changed in the wake of the "refugee crisis". As spur of the moment aid from Becker Marine Systems, the vehicle was made available free of charge to the refugee relief organization in Harburg. Since then, the electric vehicle has been used daily as the "channel shuttle" as part of the refugee aid programme, either as a shuttle or as help when relocating.



A 44/80 kW electric motor was installed in the "channel shuttle", which transports passengers and cargo emission-free and at a speed of up to 140 km/h through Hamburg and the surrounding area.



We were given the stipulation that the T5 should achieve a range of approx. 100 km with a full payload. With a battery capacity of just over 32.6 kWh and an energy-saving driving style, the "channel shuttle" actually travels up to 130 km in daily use and takes about four hours to recharge.


Special features 

The drivers of the refugee relief organization and their passengers are enthusiastic about the quiet and pleasant handling of the T5 and appreciate the comfort of the built-in space heater. The "channel shuttle" with its eye-catching design is a familiar sight in the south of Hamburg – hardly surprising given that more than 40,000 kilometres have now been driven electrically.


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